Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Owney The traveling Dog from Woolwich Central School

  One of the original Owney's that traveled USA

Bev Adams started the first Owney the Traveling Dog project after reading the book by Lynn Hall.
Owney visited all 50 states and went to Washington  to see the president.

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Owney now travels from Woolwich Central school in Woolwich, Maine.
He will start his travels in the fall. 

See the pages at the right at see last years travel adventures


Owney arrived this week 

We unpacked the box during the Life Skills visit on Thursday, 
June 8, 2017. 
 Here are some pictures for the blog.
Have a great summer!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sto-Roc Kindergarten

Owney's visit at the Kindergarten class at Sto-Rox Primary Center
He is on his way to Mrs. Archer's class.  

Kindergarten class at Sto-Rox Primary Center
The kids loved him!!
Mrs. Raymond Kindergarten

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Owney arrive and departed Ute Pass Elementary, Colorado

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 Owney Arrived and Departed Hawaii

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

On My Way

Owney is on his way, he was happy to leave the snow to head to Hawaii!!!
He and a friend are checking out a map near the playground.

Learning in Woolwich

Learning new things

Learning to swim better.
 Owney is learning to dissect squid.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Owney Visits for 2016-17

This is Owney’s tentative schedule for 2016-17 visits. It can be flexible to accommodate vacations and busy mail seasons. You have more time to enjoy his visit and have activities with him. If another school joins there is time on the end before he comes home. Please contact school you are mailing to when you mail. Try to let the rest of us know he is on his way too.

Woolwich Central School

Abigail Luchies
Nancy Riggs
137 Nequasset Rd,
Woolwich, ME 04579
Sending about October late

Arrive about November 2016
Mrs. Suzanne Jensen, Grade 1
Kula Elementary School
5000 Kula Highway
Kula, HI 96790
Sending Early December

Arrive December, 2016
Ilene Wider, 2nd Grade
Birney Elementary School
1202 S 76th St
Tacoma, WA  98408-2907
Mail  Early January 2017

Arrive January 2017
Greg DiFiore
Ute Pass Elementary
9230 Chipita Park Rd.
Chipita Park, CO 8080
Mail late February 2017

Arrive March 2017
Sherine Raymond – K
Sto-Rox Elementary School
300 Ewing Rd.
McKees Rocks, PA  15136
MAIL  late March 2017

Arrive Early April 2017
ATTN: Mrs. Johanna Archer
Upper Greenwood Lake School  
41 Henry Road
Hewitt, NJ  07421-1729
Mail  Late April or May 1 2017

Arrive May 8, 2017
Woolwich Central School
137 Nequasset Rd,
Woolwich, ME 04579

Monday, January 26, 2015

Owney the Traveling Dog
Our present Traveling Owney, who has Woolwich School in Woolwich, Maine as his home.
Join our classes mailing Owney around the country.
Would you care to visit with Owney?  Join Us! Mail a request

In Owney box you will find him wearing some pins from states last year.
That way everyone will get to see an Owney with pins. You may add a pin or something fairly light to the box.
In the box there is also a photocopied book of "Owney" by Lynn Hall. We also have a copy on this site. We have permission for the copying. Please make sure these copies are in the box when it is sent on to the next school.
Remember to send Owney <> an email so we can keep track of his travels. Please also email the next school letting them know he is on his way. I will post the emails on this site.
Please remember to send post card to all the schools.
We hope you enjoy the project.
The Real Owney
Old photo of Owney on a train
Permission was granted by Nancy Pope, the Curator of The National Postal Museum,
Smithsonian Institution to use this photograph of Owney.
You can read about Owney's history on this site.